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Interview with RSM-Entertainment/
I'm proud to introduce an interview with the webmaster of one of the hottest sites on the net. It's . A behind the scenes look at the shit we as fans never knew. My name is Deak. Enjoy!

Interviewer: Deak

Interviewee: RSM-Entertainment/


freaky2dadeaky: RSM in the house!
rsm_entertainment: Peace
rsm_entertainment: sup

freaky2dadeaky: No doubt. Yo, you ready... Let me go nab this questions...3-5 minutes
rsm_entertainment: ok
freaky2dadeaky: I'm itching to hop right into it..........................Question #1.... What does rsm_entertainment mean and and how dose it relate to your business?
rsm_entertainment: RSM stands for Rising Sun Media. The Sun Represents the Black Man and Rising Represents Elevation/ To the Top.
rsm_entertainment: So Black man Rising To the Top

freaky2dadeaky: Beautifully put!
freaky2dadeaky: What made you decide to get into the Adult-Business and how many years you've been?
rsm_entertainment: I been doing this since 1998. Im from NYC and was really into porn from Cesar Video, UVP and Its On Productions. I wanted to do what they did but with an Atlanta Down South Flava.
freaky2dadeaky: Theirs millions of Black Webmasters and pretty much porn all over the net. Your name has always stayed in the mouths of fans. Trust, I'm a fan that chit-chats with others alike. How is it that you stay of ahead of competition?
rsm_entertainment: I dont know. I think its because I hang around a bunch of perverts.LOL! Seriously, I watch porn so I know how to film. The girls are important but knowing how to film the right way is more important. Knowing the angles and all that. I like to think that my consumer is someone who thinks just like me when it comes to sex. if your not into porn and just want to get in it just to make a buck, you prob wont be successful because you dont know your audiance.. I taken serveys and polls when I first started my site so I know and relate to my audiance. I found my nitch when I started and I stuck with it. People who do it and are not successful are in it for the wrong reasons, That goes with any business.
freaky2dadeaky: Sound like you saying theirs a thick line between business & pleasure
rsm_entertainment: to be successful. Yeah.
rsm_entertainment: I never heard of anyone who was successful at anything who didnt enjoy their job
rsm_entertainment: But its still business
rsm_entertainment: That might be anther reason, I treat this like a business. Not as a way for me to get ass
rsm_entertainment: money before pussy

freaky2dadeaky: M.O.B 4-life!, but let me switch lanes real quick on another issue. Theirs some things the fans don't know. I was speaking with Wouncie of and he stated that their be a bunch of bullshit beefs within black webmasters. Basically, one egts pissed cuz he seen a broad featured on his site on someone else's. Even Jordan said some webmasters tried to beef with him cuz he wouldn't give contact to some models featured on his site. even on 404girls, you're making references to other sites. Whats going on? Does their really be beefs?
rsm_entertainment: Well, I never had no beef with any REAL WEB MASTERS:. by REAL I mean Jordan and Woncie. Woncie is a cool nigga for real. I had beef with one cat who wanted to be like 404Girls but the beef is dead, Its a long story. unlike other beefs, he was someone i knew personally. I dont want to get into it
rsm_entertainment: ANd as far as giving out info on models. Try calling Blacktail magazine for a model, they will tell you the same thing I tell people. These Girls COME AND GO.
rsm_entertainment: We aint PIMPS in the sence of having a bunch of girls hanging around us 24/7. We take care of our business. Take care of yours
rsm_entertainment: If i know where a girl is at and someone ask I have no problem giving the info. But If i dont know where they at? What can I do about it. I aint holding back, I really dont know where the chick is.

freaky2dadeaky: GOTDAMN! I sho was gonna ask you for that 18 yr old chick name Cutie from College Park... GOTDAMN, I'm sitting here looking at her pix. Baby is fine! My type!...On 1 pic, looks like thats a store in the background. Did you actually meet her their? I mean, do you cruise around town with a camera in hand like "sup baby, wanna make some money,. She says "Doing what". you say "making a porn!". Do you mack or do you do the ol "agency booking"?
rsm_entertainment: Nah. Thats the Illusion. Creative Story telling. I met her thru a friend. I find most girls thru friends who kick the "sup Baby" lines. Im mostly in the studio taking orders for tapes or surfing the web.

freaky2dadeaky: Ahhhhhhhhh, the creative story telling. You got it that over good! We/fans envisualize meeting a chick in the bookstore, record store, or restaurant and taking them home to fuck... Big-ups!
freaky2dadeaky: What site do you frequent?

rsm_entertainment: BGOL.
rsm_entertainment: I use to go to all the sites. one day I found out someone was posting pics from my site on BGOL. I got mad and went there and got Hooked.
rsm_entertainment: I like a lot of sites. Mostly the Model Ones. I think i seen too many hardcore sites. Im into the "tease" sites now

freaky2dadeaky: Like you said. Black man rising/elevating to the top. I'm finding myself liking that tease a lil more. We evolve, its good you visit more booty sites so now you can see how the fan evolve. In which, is why you're been in the mouths of fans. you evolved with us
rsm_entertainment: word !
freaky2dadeaky: Is 404girls the only site you own? Sup with Is that your venture also?
rsm_entertainment: Well, I own, and I Co Own Sexy with peachez.
freaky2dadeaky: GOTDAMN! Look at Hennessy's ass!
rsm_entertainment: LOL.. I cant find her. I wish I could
freaky2dadeaky: Me & about 500 other fans all said that that broad should have her own site... I told them I was gonna try to encourage you to get her her own shit. But now she's gone. Its a sad day............. What do you like/dislike most about being in the adult-business?
rsm_entertainment: She prob would do good, but it hard doing business with these girls. They have a street Hustler Mentality. I dont so I only do business with the ones I see have some type of Business sense.
rsm_entertainment: I hate running into shady people. I hate runing into people who want to be down but have nothing to offer other then finding girls. Finding girls is the easy part.

freaky2dadeaky: While on a shoot. What’s the most wildest, craziest, and embarrassing thing that ever happened?
rsm_entertainment: Man. i dont know. too many times. If people seen the tapes, then they know how Ghetto it can get. a Bed Broke Once during the filming of a Scene. The Wildest time would be on 404 Girls v.8 with Cash Money and Desire. the Craziest thing would prob be listening to Porn stars tell you their life story. LOL.. i souldnt be laughin but some of the shit those girls go thru in life is like DAMN,
rsm_entertainment: the funny thing is Fans think that a porn stars life is All Good

freaky2dadeaky: So as we wrap up this session. What should the fans expect from rsm ent in the future?
rsm_entertainment: Expect Nothing.
rsm_entertainment: because when I do come out with something, it will mean more
rsm_entertainment: i always tell people im getting out of this game just to come back

freaky2dadeaky: I dig that,
rsm_entertainment: Its a game
freaky2dadeaky: what advice would you give to that shy/scary dude on approaching a girly he wants to fuck?
rsm_entertainment: I dont know because Im that shy scary dude myself.
rsm_entertainment: well I use to be
rsm_entertainment: well, getting Drunk always works

freaky2dadeaky: A blunt ain't never hurt either,............Thickness must be contagious, I seen a chinese girl with a ass that'll put a sister to shame, lol and asians are popularly known for small flat asses...... Dayum, I'm rambling. Must be the blunt adding with this this hot ass interview...... Is closing, is their anything else you'll like to add?
rsm_entertainment: Fuck George Bush
freaky2dadeaky: I can dig that!!!
rsm_entertainment: and Rumsfeld
freaky2dadeaky: What about ol Coley Cole Powell?
rsm_entertainment: Man, Fuck them all
rsm_entertainment: self righteous ass holes... but I ainthere to talk politics

freaky2dadeaky: lol

freaky2dadeaky: Peace & Prosper...

rsm_entertainment: Same here, One!


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