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Big Booty Peaches, 23/ 5'7/ 180lbs/ 52' of ass gets ramrodded from the back-DoggyStyle Baby!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the #1 Black Amateur Porn site in the world!. If you're new to us, Welcome! If you're a returning visitor, Wussup! If you're a hater, Hi Hater! We are the supreme Black Porn website. We're independent and produce this shit by our own terms. We got nearly 100 heavy-hitting scenes in the members area for your viewing pleasure... We don't candy-coat this porn shit, we're not actors, we're not rappers, we're dudes that put it down for porn lovers worldwide. We go out our way to make sure you get it the way you like it! Hardcore! Nasty! Action!
This weeks update is a girl named Peaches. My boy "Bone" gave her to us. It was crazy how it all happened. Listen up! One day Me & Bone was riding in the whip and he suddenly screams "Pull-Over!". I'm like WTF! So he points at a Big Juicy Booty Chick and said "I know that girl, she'll shoot"! So we pull over and we kicking it with her. I tell you my word is my bond, I was fucking impressed with how stacked this broad was, I'm talking a Big Black Meaty Ass that'll put Cherokee to shame. To back that up, she got some Big ol melon titties! We tell her we'll give her a few dollars to come to our spot to do a porn scene. She obliges cus she was a lil bit down on her luck plus she wanted to get her cellphone cut back on. She took the bait! So I call Da Capo and tell him to charge up the equipment cuz a great Big Ol ass is on its way. We get the Black Hoe over to our spot, interview her, and next thing I know it's a Fuck-a-rama jumping off! Bone nutted in her mouth, Da Capo nutted on her titties, and I nutted on her chin. While the broad was fucking her ass spreaded like a butterflies wings. The Slappity-Clappity-Clap sounds were in full effect! She threw that ass back without missing a beat. Juicy Black Pussy! You gotta see it to believe it! The titties was flapping all over the place. Yup, she got tit fucked as well.This broad gotta wet deep-throat technique that'll curl ya toes. Man this was an explosive scene! Wanna see this 52' ass in DoggyStyle action? Wanna watch her cute face get splattered with cum? Wanna see a 40DDs Tit fuck maybe? Wanna see why we call ourselves the Kings of Black Porn? We do this shit for you! - The REAL porn lovers! Log on RIGHT NOW and Free Yourself!

--FreakyDeak Crew

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