Niggas & StripClubs,

Black StrippersUhm, I’ve been a connoisseur on Black Porn for a long time and it has its perks. One of the frequented ones is me hosting a StripClub Party. Since my inception in the game I’ve hosted at least 100 Booty Parties. Over the years I’ve also attended countless bachelor and private parties featuring Black Strippers. And there’s one thing I’ve noticed: Niggas don’t know how to act when ass, titties, and pussy is in there face. I don’t know if they just plain ol thirsty or they bitch not given them no good sex while at home but, who the hell make it rain $100s of d dollars and who the hell eat pussy and ass in front of 100s of people?

I swear, everytime I’m at a strippers event it’s always that one outta-control nigga that just hop on stage and eat that stripper girls pussy. I mean, she is a stripper ya know, that goes hand in hand with escorting. That black stripper bitch done had mo dicks in her pussy than Mcdonalds sold burgers and here you are eating her pussy in front of 100s of people. Now they all recording and yo fool as on youtube doing some shit you regret.

And let’s not fail to mention the dudes who “Make it Rain”, I mean, why? You done through-up $20s, $50s, $100s at a bitch for what? You done got high and drunk and made it rain for a bitch you not gonna fuck that night. Is it because you hear “Make it Rain” in a rap song or saw it done in a Music Video? That’s just like walking up to a random person on the streets and handing them stacks of money. Why? Some niggas got Parking Tickets, CellPhone Bill, Car-note, Electricity, kids at home to share money with, but yet, they throw it at some stripper bitch.

And thats why I got in the Porn Game, Sex Sells! So when those stupid ass niggas get finished throwing they money away. I’m getting paid and fucking the bitches they wish they can fuck. Ya see, Bitches want the top dog and I ain’t got thow cash to let a hoe know what I am. Just logon to the site: You’ll see how I roll! Hoes pay me residual income just for appearing in my movies. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying I dont waste my money

Until then,

Mr. Marcus Admits He Started Syphilis Scare, Lied on STD Test

Black Porn Legend<———————– This fool ass nigga here!, has started another scared in the Porn World. His name is Mr. Marcus, a legendary Black Porn Star that been in the game forever! Well, if you don’t know its been a syphilis scare in the Porn Industry as of late. And Mr.Marcus has come forward and admitted that he tested positive for the STD. That is to say he has syphilis. Mr. Marcus met with reps from XBIZ and FSC and also admiited to lying about his std results to get more work. The XBIZ and FSC said:

Yesterday afternoon’s meeting was the first time Mr. Marcus admitted to being diagnosed as positive for syphilis, performing three times after that diagnosis, and willfully doctoring one test from Talent Testing Service.

Mr. Marcus said that as of yesterday each of the female performers he worked with since testing positive had re-tested negative for syphilis, which [FSC executive director Diane] Duke confirmed.”

It was reported he came forward to demolish rumors that there’s an outbreak of the disease. Mr. Marcus reportedly tested positive in July 12 and stayed off the sex for at least 10 days per doctors orders, and took penicillin, until July 24, when he came to a set and masked his STD results:

On July 24 Mr. Marcus shot a sex scene and alleges the producer didn’t ask for a paper copy of the test, nor did he verify on the computer that Marcus was cleared to work through the TTS database. The producer did ask Marcus to produce visual evidence, however, and Marcus said he was able to position a copy of the test on his cell phone screen so that the syphilis portion of the test did not appear visible. He claims the talent on set that day did not ask to see a copy of his test.”

I’ve wrote about this often about Black Porn Stars putting a stain on the Black Porn  Industry do to there nigga-acting ways. The Porn Industry is a legit business so you have to act as such. 1st, it was Darren James catching the HIV virus, then Brian Pumper lying about his tests, and now its Mr.Marcus catching syphilis and lying about it. Yall have to realize as black folks in the business they gonna always shine the light on our mistakes and faults. There’s scores of white guys and bitches that contracted STDS and lied on results but they shit get swept under the rug. Gotz to be more careful!


Ever had some Facebook Pussy?

facebook hoesThese days everybody and there grandma got a facebook profile. FB is the social giant that connects people all over the world. You can find old bitches you use to fuck, and better yet new ones! And thats what this post is about: Facebook Pussy! Men from all over live somewhat of an incognito freaky lifestyle through facebook. No matter single, married, widowed, or in a relationship. Sooner or later a man gonna see a profile pic of a sexy chick and ya know, shoot her a lil message. You may compliment her on the 2-piece bikini she’s wearing in her profile pic or some dudes just jump right at and demand the chick to relay her phone number to him. You send her a friends request and start liking and commenting on her photos and before you know it your current chick is bitching at you for liking other girls photos. But that’s a different story, this post is about the pussy right now.

Facebook Pussy

If you planning on trying to meet a chick off facebook you gotta play your cards right. Ya see, if she bad, she gonna have 100s of lame messages from guys. You cant message her and say stupid shit like “Dam lil mama you bad, gimme your phone number, can i take you out, call me”, these ladies are on facebook but they are human too. And hoping you are grown, you should talk as a grown human anyways. Show her your interest by complimenting her and leaving something for her to smile too is the way to go. Separate yourself from the herd and find something yall have in common and expound on it. And before long, if you played your cards right, you may be knee deep in some pussy.

Facebook Pussy

Facebook is a hub for bitches of all nationalities. You got sophisticated as well and hoodrat hoes on there. The same ones you see in the streets and clubs are on fb. So no matter who you are, you should be thankful such a site exist. Where else can you move around hoes while being unseen at the same time? Cuz if you ain’t fucked at least 3 bitches off facebook, you’ve lost out of life, cuz a lot of us are living! 😉

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Beanie Sigel’s love letter to Angela Bassett…

I came across  the Mar/Apr 2008 Issue of King Magazine. As I surfed through it I saw a Love Letter from Beenie Sigel addressed to Angela Bassett. As I read I thought these have to be some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. This is it!:
Broad Street Bully Beanie Sigel shows Angela Bassett some Thug Passion.

By the time this reaches you, I pray it finds you in the best of health–physically, spiritually and mentally.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen your beautiful face, and although we haven’t met, I feel as though I’ve known you forever.  So allow me to apologize if I’ve affected you by addressing you so personally in the opening of my letter.   That merely wasn’t my intent.

I’d like to thank you for being by my side in times of hardship.  Some unfortunate events that occurred in my life forces me to reside in a residential facility a few years back.  You see, while inside the barbed-wire stockade, I found relief in your beautiful face and bright smile, which gave space and lit up the dim gray walls it was posted on in the small cell I was confined in.

I’d often find myself staring at your picture and letting my imagination run free, falling asleep escaping the concrete walls that barricade me.  I’d dream that I took you on the perfect date, out of this world.  We’d take a magic carpet ride through the sky, then go roller-skating around the rings of Saturn.  We’d sit on on the edge of a crescent moon and pitch stars into the Milky Way.  There I would propose to you and offer the sun as an engagement ring.  We would make love on a bed of clouds, fall fast asleep, then slowly drift back to Earth.

In closing, it’d be real special to have the chance to meet you.  I know love wouldn’t have anything to do with it, and I’m sure that your groove is intact.  It’d be a dream come true. Until I close my eyes and we meet again, stay as beautiful as you are.

Soft words from a hardened heart,

Beanie Sigel

P.S.  To Whom It May Concern:  If this letter does not meet its intended destination, please send it to heaven, because it was meant for an angel.

Does your relationship feel like you’re in prison?

freakydeak.comEver feel like you’re in a relationship and your emotions are like handcuffs? No matter how many times you walk away, or want to walk away, you always go back to that no-good ass other half? Deep down, you know the relationship aint shit! But something, makes you keep tracking them down. You check your phone for missed calls and texts. You login to facebook wishing for a “I miss you” message,but it never comes unless you send it. The simplest of things leads to an altercation and you just wonder what the hell is happening?

You’re not alone, everyone goes through the hoops of a relationship and researchers said its a natural process. They say no matter how bad a person is, the mind naturally hungers for the times when things were “All about love”. Ya know, the beginning when things were beautiful, talk for hours, compliments, trips, stare in each other eyes. Scientists say that the being seeks to resurrect those times and thats why some people seek a person that isnt good for them. They liking it to a person who abuses drugs. Of course they know drugs not good for them, but they steady use it to seek that high. The more you seek, the worst off you get. There’s mountain of stories of people who committed suicide or killed because there love turn them into sickos. In fact, they related being in love to having a mental sickness. In some countries (India to name at least one), its even forbidden to be in love… A couple found to be in love was found hanging from a tree.

So when you significant other seeks a need to check your texts, screen your calls, peeping at you from behind a tree. It just may mean that maybe you should run fast cuz there drugged out over love, lol


A letter from the mistress,

letter from the mistressAllow me to introduce myself. I am that new twinkle in your man’s eye. The reason for the extra pep in his step. Doesn’t Daddy look extra handsome these days? It’s not only the designer suits that I buy for him, it’s  also the confidence that is restored in him, because unlike you, I remind him on a regular basis that he is “the man.”

I’ll give credit where it’s due. You weren’t always the selfish bitch you turned into. You really got him through some tough times. When he had no money, you supported him. (How could he forget, when you bring it up every chance you get?) Back in high school, when he wasn’t the cool guy on campus, you showed love. But much like your waistline from when he first met you…things have changed.

Before you get your granny panties in a bunch, don’t fret. You have a good man. He did not set out to hurt or betray you, things just kind of happened. To my chagrin, he loves you very much, and has this displaced loyalty I only partly understand. But despite the love, here I am. Comfortably nestled in his daily thoughts. It’s normal to hate me and everything I stand for. But it is your inflexibility in just about everything in life which goes double in the bedroom, that pushed him to this point. Let’s be for real, do you really think it is okay for a man to never receive oral sex? Who do you think keeps him satisfied until the next birthday or holiday when you decide to make the journey down there?

As long as there are women like you, women like me will always be in business. You make my job so easy. Why you may ask? For starters you have too much damn mouth. Why are there two kings in the castle? You may think you are winning the war with your constant nagging and complaining, but you are merely battling your way to a lonely bed at night. Your insecurity and incessant need for validation are the nails that are sealing your coffin.

When Daddy is with me it’s refreshing. I know my role and I serve proudly. There is nothing to argue about. Only laughter and good times allowed in our private world.

Of course I see your internet posts… “jump-off” this, and “side-piece” that. Forgive me for being “unphased.”  Those names pale in comparison to some of the names that Daddy calls me when he is ravishing my body. We have fun experimenting with the things you are too uptight and/or controlling to allow.

Sure his parents love you, and his colleagues look forward to seeing you at the holiday parties. That bothers me none. Because when he is staring off into space, he is recalling the sexy lap dance I gave him. So, I have to celebrate on December 26, and February 15, that is fine by me. All I need is him. While your selfish ass is forcing him to take you to an over-priced restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day…I am in the gym, keeping things tight for your man. You can keep the chocolates too, much too fattening for me.

Be very afraid. I am not going anywhere. There are many others out here just like me waiting to step up when I do. You’ve been warned.

Blissfully His,

The Mistress

A Fat Ass!

What else can you say about a fat ass besides you love it? There’s no better feeling than wrapping ya legs around a fat ass booty. When I 1st made this site it was because of the love of Black Booty. White hoes gotta go to the doctor to get what a black chick has naturally- A fat ass! I 1st fell in love with a fluffy ass at a very young age. I was about 15 years old and this chick named Coco had a bubble booty… And, she liked me! I remember getting out of school  and meeting hr on the boulevard just to talk. At the age of 16, romance was heightened. I remember walking her down the gang-ridden streets of Chicago in hopes of squeezing her ass. lol, My main then back then was either talking to a girl or hugging a girl and palming her ass in the process. Well, Coco, she was cool, a fat ass chick that went to my high school. I would walk her to her house, the long way, and before we made way to her house I would bashly ask for a hug. She would give it to me and I would palm than ass and let me tell you, that feeling was almost better than sex itself. I would just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. When I was done, I was walking home wet in the pants. I think they call that pre-ejaculation.
So its no surprise that I ended up being in the Adult Industry. And even today I make sure my cocksman give deep attention to the DoggyStyle position. There’s something about an ass that just drives a man insane. The shape of it? The look of it? The sound of it? Guys of color knows the main thing that turns us on is the ass.

There’s no better feeling than bending a chick over in the Doggystyle and killing that pussy! Shit, I’m primie motherfucking example that I love the Doggystyle. Don’t believe me? Click this link as I stab a chick from the back! This shit we do over here at isn’t no joke! We been down for nearly 10 years and we stead stepping! The best in Black Porn is found right here as you read! In fact, this post is over, Logon to and just wander around!

Do you like to view porn with condoms?

condomsThere’s this big debate in the porn business about the use of condoms. A lot of bitching as women are complaining about catching stds and they fear its risky to shoot condomless. The shit have even made it to lawmakers. This people are in discussion on making it mandators y to use condoms in porn. The thing about that is, they starting in  Porn Valley, California. If the condom law is implemented it’s only a law in the district of L.A. A lot of reputable porn producers have packed there bags and move there production to other cities and states. Which is good thinking IMO.
My only thought is what’s the deal with with STD tests? If it was mandatory to take a STD test and  performers come clean should that make it plausible that a condomless scene should be legit? From the outside you would think that makes sense. But being on the inside is different. Some performers have been lying about there STD tests. In Cali, it cost to get a on-the-spot STD test. So what performers have been doing is going to get one, and doing a gang of scenes before they get another one. They think since they tested clean once, there’s no need to test again. Which is silly and risque thinking of course.
In the case of Darren James, the legendary Black Porn Star whom contracted the H.I.V viruses from filming anal scenes in Brazil. It was said that after his visit to south america, he came back to shoot scenes in the states. Thing is, he may have testedbrian pumper lies about std results negative for the virus because back then, it took awhile for the STD tests to show up. No telling who he passed that off to. Also in the case of Brian Pumper, he became known for lying about his STD tests. His tests were faker than them bogus ass chains he wears around his neck. With these cases along with a gaggle of others its no coincidence that lawmakers are stepping it.
But what about the fan? Does he have a sayso? How does he like to view his porn? 75% of male porn watchers stated they like to watch porn condomless. While 30% of female porn watches like it condomless. As for my personal preference. I like to see that ass getting tore up without the condom. Hell, I always put my dick on the line and fuck hoes raw and I’m clean as a horse to this day.
Overall, we just have to sit back and see how this thing settles. Will this condom law pass to other cities and states? I doubt, it’s not known to shoot porn in other states besides Cali, but hell, I’ve read of stupider laws so no telling how this shit spreads.
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Why do women get so boring after sex?

men after sexPicture this: You meet the girl. She sweet, cute, gotta bad ass body. Yall exchange contacts and start chit-chatting. You hit her up allday through text and facebook messages. And then her lovely voice on the phone soothes your soul. Yall go out on a date to the movies and a dinner and you gladly pay for it. While yall chit-chatting, laughing, and gossiping you see her body through them tight ass pants she wore.
Yo mind start to wonder about how fantastic it’ll be to hit that. Yo mind start to wonder about how good her pussy is and how you’ll hit it and which positions. You see that fat ass hanging and the image of a ass-clapping doggystyle cums to mind. You want to smack it up, flip it, and rub it down. You even think of eating that ass out it look so good. She got the ample titties and the Dick Sucking Lips so you do everything in your power “Just to get a shot!”.
Though you tell yo boys you don’t kiss, everytime you see this chick you tongue deep in her mouth. You joking and sweet-talking and even got her blushing laughing. Just her coming around is enough for you to feel like a kid again. You get a lil tingling of love. But in the back of your mind, you just can’t wait to tap that!
You been grabbing on them titties from time to time and she cool with it. When you hug and kissing on her you grabbing loads of ass. Yall even have conversations of sexual interests. Even when she not around you thinking of her. You think hmmm, this chick is cool!
So yall go out one night and did a little drinking. Make it back to yo pad and its on! That sweet scrumpjalicious is now on her knees sucking your dick. You even pin her down and eat the pussy. And with no further ado: You finally putcha dick in her. You’re fucking the girl! Then you nut! For some brothers it happened in two minutes. And then it hits you that you want your own bed. That chitchat and playtime she accustomed to has gotten old. Now when you speak to her its in a flat-I-dun-had-you tone. In fact, this bitch dun just got plain ol boring! You roll over and go to sleep in hopes she’ll leave.
It’s something about the chase thats more interesting than the catch! I believe is women hold off longer they may get that respect they o so long for. Us men need novelty in our lives. We need to sniff but not catch. We better off imagining whats behind the door instead of you opening it up and showing us. Some men rather masterbate than have sex with there woman because imagination is more powerful than reality… So let it flow!

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Logon freakydeak.comFor long times now people have asked and wondered, who are we? Well, the answer in short is we’re the Kings of Black Amateur Porn. For nearly 10 years we’ve been providing 1,000s of happy fans with exclusive pics and videos or our style porn. Lot of wanna-be black porn producers have attempted to come in the game and duplicate what we do and failed and only to go under within a few years time. A lot producers that have been in the game as long as of have either gone under or just sitting there stagnant. We have a core
fanbase whom we love that keeps us on our toes. They let us know what they want and we deliver.
With our unique content we guarantee to mesmerize you like you’ve stepped in the scene yourself. We invoke a storyline into our videos. With music and effects that rivals some Music Videos and Movies themselves. Our videos are of the highest HD quality and average about 20-30 minutes.

Though we are in a league of our own, most people categorize our style in the “Reality Porn” niche. And we okay with that because our videos are REAL! A lot of times the FD crew load up into a car and roll around town in search of hoes. We’re known for riding up to a bus stop, cameras in hand, and sweet-talking a lovely young lady into doing a scene for us. A lot of times, given that we’re regular dudes, we be smoking good weed and drinking while we doing a scene. Nothing like fucking while high anyways right?

Anyway, we’re here to give it to you raw and uncut. Thats the way we like to see porn so its only natural to give it to you like that. So without further ado, Feel free to logon and venture around the site, I guarantee you’ll find something you like!

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