If you believe in “Bros before hoes”, you’re a fag!

*Disclaimer: This post is of no offense to the homosexual lifestyle

Bros before hoes

If you one of them dudes thats always screaming “Bros before hoes”, you need to shoot yourself and you have homosexual tendencies. Any heterosexual man with some sense knows that being in the company with a woman is way better than hanging with some hard-legged hairy man.
I understand that Man rule the world and we like to watch sports, play videogames, and do man stuff together. But at some point you want your male buddy to go home so you can have some sweet, sensual, romantic fun with your girlfriend or wife. Also guys are cool, but they have the same deadly sins as everyone else. If you coming up in life at some point your bro gonna get jealous and envious and pray for your downfall while smiling in your face at the same time. Furthermore, you cant have sex with your bro (unless you swing that way) like you can your woman. Cant reproduce without your woman. And God forbid, You dont look too cool letting your bro give you massages, cooking you dinner, and holding your hand.

Bros before hoes

Women indeed can twitch a nerve but you cant live without em. The look and smile she gives you, the soft touch, soft body, lips, its about that healthy connection that God instilled in us. Two being coming together in union to create life.
So with that being said, you may wanna stop going to clubs screaming “BROS BEFORE HOES!” Because you in that club to find a hoe anyway. You know you tired of the single life. And you tired of that bro!

Ol hairy hard leg dudes can be bitches but that dont literally mean they ar bitches. In Fact, the male species gets on my nerves!


Ghetto Gaggers: Sup with these guys?

ghetto gaggerslol, A few years ago I happened to come across a website by the name of Ghetto Gaggers. On the frontpage it had a picture of a Black Girl on it with saliva, nut, throwup, and a dog bowl on her head. That got me curious so I delved deeper and what I witnessed was one of the most humiliating, degrading, racist, and most extreme porn site I’ve ever encountered. The girls would come on the scene and do a little preliminary interview. During that the interviewee would be asking her all kinds of dumb questions and throwing insults at her left to right. They typically greet the girl as “Hi Whore”, and given most of these porn chicks are insecure so they give in to the authority of Ghetto Gaggers Producers. In any porn scene, once the director flicks on the lights, it gives him power over the scene. And given humans are naturally submissive to authority. The producers can have there way usually without question from the females. And that what makes them do stupid ass shit on video and later on regret it.

Ghetto Gaggers

When they get finish with the compliance questions they usually order the girl to the floor and get there cocksman to stuff his dick in her mouth. And rest assured, he fucks her mouth until it dam near looks like its gonna bust out the back of her head. I’m talking massive thrusts in and out where the girls eyes are bulging and tears are flowing. During that he’s spreading her eyelids and occasionally slapping the shit out of her. And I won’t lie, that shit gives a guilty pleasure.
The idea of this mouth-fucking is to force her to vomit. The Ghetto Gaggers Guys are the kings of the vomit niche. Ever scene has throwup in it. And they get so wild they sometimes take the vomit and rub it in the girls hair, body, and face. They even put it in the dog bowl and make the girl eat it. Disgusting? Well, it also has people that wants to see it because they made a few millions dollars from this.

Ghetto Gaggers

They get the girls to fuck in all sorts of crazy positions. And they bang em hard to while screaming racial epithets at them. For ghetto gaggersinstance, they’ll be fucking them from the back while she’s eating a watermelon from the floor or pouring grape soda on her. Some of there guys would put on afro wigs and sunglasses and act like “Brothaz”.
They fuck these girls so hard that they weaves and wigs be flying off. In one seen they slapped the girl so hard that she had a black guy. lol, All in all, this shit sold! And Ghetto Gaggers is one of the most popular websites in the game today! Hardcore, Humiliation, Degrading interracial porm to the max!

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Married woman caught cheating through facebook


Please learn from others mistakes…a guy made a fake facebook page to test his wife of 25 years to see if she would flirt with another man on fb…he poked her for 3 days and sent her all kinds of compliments in her inbox…she then gave in and began to respond back…she thanked him for the kind words and enjoyed his sweet conversations…on the 5th day she told him she couldnt talk to him no more cause she felt like she was cheating….he ask her…on who???…your husband???…she said no…my girlfriend of 30 years…my husband is just a front for my private life…in fact 3 of our 4 kids aint even his………..the morals of this post….A PERFECT STRANGER MIGHT KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR LIFE IN ONE WEEK THAN YOU’VE KNOWN IN YEARS…SO BE READY FOR THE HARD TRUTH BEFORE YOU GO LOOKING FOR INFO YOU MAY NOT WANT TO FIND.

Facebook is a beast of Social site! It has its ups-n-downs. The upside is you
can find old friends or family members. Share pictures, make post, get attention.

But on the flipside facebook has a dark side. It can and have ruined relationships and even caused divorces, people have fought over posts, committed crimes as serious as murder.

Can facebook ruin a relationship?

One thing I dislike about facebook is the invasion of privacy. You cant like, comment, on a status without your whole friends list knowing about it. For ex: If I post on bobs stat, why should joe know about it? Get my drift? They have a cascading feature on the side that lets everyone know what exactly what you’re doing. Thats BS!

Also, they may be in cahoots with google of sorts. I’m in producing videos because I dream of directing a movie one day. So I do a lot of googling about cameras, lenses, editing equipment etc. So why when I log into facebook all the ads are about cameras, lenses, editing equipment etc? Lol., Nosey bastards and relationship ruiners!