Can you bust a nut while getting head?

That question was the topic of discussion the other night with the FD crew. As you getting older, it seems it gets harder and harder to bust one while getting your dick sucked. A few square guys who can nut while so. Maybe its because they barely get pussy or maybe cuz they tune there minds so much into it that they pull it off.
However, for the seasoned freak, one whom been smashing pussy and getting his dick sucked for quite some time have to have that extremely deep, sloppy, wet, and messy head to bust a nut. Usually when I get my dick sucked I just receive because indeed, it is good foreplay. Its whats has to happen before I fuck you. And by fucking you, is the only way I can bust a nut!
Now, As I said, for a seasoned freak, one has to have that extremely deep, sloppy, wet, and messy deepthroat technique. I searched high and low for a girl that can pull it off and I found her at a party. I was walking through the club and saw this cute, petite, hoodrat looking chick. I thought hmmm, she look like she can be a great fuck! So I macked on her and got her to come home with me. Lo and behold, this lil bitch tells me she on her period! I gave her the attitude like “Bitch, why you didnt tell me before I brought you to my crib?”. I was salty and I guess she was feeling bad too because in the middle of the night the bitch started easing her head down my chest, my stomach, and then eventually wrapped her lips around my dick. I was thinking “now she wanna suck my dick and I can’t fuck? Wow!”
But then this lil bitch did something! Something that made my eyes bulge and toes curl! This lil bitch was giving me that long-looked-for deep, sloppy, wet, and messy deepthroat that I was looking for. She was so good I didn’t even have to pu my hand on her head to guide her. I’m talking she was tight-deepthroating my dick with the sloppy sound effects and all! I started to feel that sensation in my balls and before you know it, I was busting all up in this girls mouth! And she swallowed it all! ,lol, I damn near proposed to her afterwards!

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