A woman posted the pic below along with this message…

“This is a real pix. I live in 5 minutes from Atlanta, but I work 2 hours away. A month ago my supervisor let me off early because there was damage to the ceiling from a rain storm.

I walked in my house and saw clothes on the hallway floor. I walked in my bedroom and saw what you are seeing.

The man with the thumb in his mouth is my husband. I have no idea who the other man is. I took this pix with my camera. I did not wake my husband. I just left. He has not seen me since. He has not attempted to call me or even drive to my work place.

Unphucknbelievable..Smmfh! I Tell Ya About Them Lil Wayne A$$ Nickas ..just as Happy as they wanna be!! My Reason for posting this pic is not to be funny but to reassure the ladies that Its Real Out Here and Its Packs U Cant Take Back So Always (No Matter What) Protect YoSelf.. because every so called man aint no real man.. instead they’d rather have one! IJS!”

My personal thought is I can’t see myself climbing in bed with some hairy-hard legged man! With all these soft Big Booty Girls out here, and these gay people are just misunderstood…

Memory: Do you have one?

sexEverybody! No matter if single, married, or divorce, have that one (or more) memory where you had sex and it was the awesomest sex you ever had! Mind you, its a memory. It happened in real life, but now, it exists in the mind. Most time its a memory of when all the boxes of your sexual fantasies was checked. At times, you think about it and even try and find that one girl that gave you that memory. However, most times, given years have past, you can’t find her so it remains, A memory! It may have been a time where you met her the 1st night and she gave you an explosive blowjob, you nutted in her mouth, and she caressed you through the night. Maybe it been a time where you fucked her or she fucked you so good that you thought you loved her, actually. Yuh see, sometimes sex is better in the mind. Your current girlfriend/wife doesn’t do it for you because, she’s there in the physical. She’s yours, but she don’t quite add up to that girl that lives in your memory.
These type of explosive experiences usually don’t last long. You met her, kicked it off, and separated into oblivious. You have some guys who go to great measures just to chase that memory again. We on facebook and google entering names. But for some reason, can’t find her. If you do, she just not down the way she was before. She may have moved on and down blessing some other man with her sexual prowess.
Sometimes, I wonder, do they know they live in our minds rent-free. I personally, can go back over 10 years and remember this girl that just did it for me. I fucked 100s of girls since but they don’t add up to her, That memory! That memory that may live with me for the rest of my life. Until then, Yall be E-Z

Did you know you fucked me on my period?

SensualBeing in the porn game for nearly 10 years have taught me one specific thing: “Hoes ain’t shit!”. Case in point: About 7 years ago I was dating this chick named Alesha. She was cute, petite, but had the nightlife in her. She used to like going to parties and hanging out with her friends. We kicked it from time to time so of course I fucked her, multiple times in all sorts of positions. So in due time we distanced ourselves. She went one way and I went the other. And like most of mankind I have a facebook page and I tracked damn some of my old friends. Alesha was one of them, we exchanged phone numbers and reminisced about the old days. We were discussing our sexual escapades and this bitch jokingly blurted out “REMEMBER YOU FUCKED ME ON MY PERIOD?” I’, like whoa! WTF YOU TALKING ABOUT?! As we carried on the conversation, I was disgusted by the fact that this broad allowed me to fuck her on her period. And even more disgusted that she thought I was aware of the shit. Ijs, if its dark, yall naked, shouldn’t she admit she on her period before yall fuck? A man obviously don’t have no magic thoughts to tell him so. And to this day, I think I remember the exact night she was talking about. I got up to use the bathroom and thought I seen some red on my dick. I just thought I was throwing down so the pussy reacted that way (Hey, I was young!). All in all, I look at this chick the wrong way cuz she knew and allowed it. If my dick frequently shot fire shouldn’t I inform my sex partner? lol, so it is what is is. Ladies, if you on your rag, please inform us. We don’t know unless you tell us. Check back later for more reads!

How are white girls so mothafucking thick nowadays?

freakydeakMe and my boys had a serious conversation about the phenomena we all noticing on these white chicks. In short, these white bitches out here are getting thicker & thicker! In the Porn World we call them PAWGS (PHAT ASS WHITE GIRL). Gone are the days when white chicks strived to be thin as barbies. Media twisted them poor girls heads to the point where they thought the skinnier they were, the more beautiful they were! I remember in the 90’s we use to laugh at how small white girls asses are. Back then, if they had a bit of meat they considered themselves fat. They resented getting meat on there bones so much that they literally starve themselves. All in all, the result of that is no titties and no ass. Just bones and ribcage and arched cheeks. If you fucked one of those skinny bitches you feel they pelvic bone stabbing you all up in the abdomens!

Circle around to 2013, you see thick white bitches all over the place! We can thank the HipHop world for that becuz all record sales comes from the suburbs and white teens are leaning towards the HipHop world. And in HipHop video’s are thick black bitches shaking that ass and getting attention. These white bitches soaked that up and they getting on diets, doing ass aerobics, and even doing ass injections just so they can get that attention. I’ll never forget this chick named Sarah I use to fuck. She had this idea where I should always fuck her in the ass because that makes her ass bigger. I thought hmmmm, Ok, no problem!

Its not that we, as black men are complaining, hell, we encourage it! We love thickness! The more, the merrier. Thickness bridges the racial barriers. Let’s just hope someone touch these lil asian small booty chicks out here… They trying, but they genetics are small in nature…

So in the meantime, keep up the good work white girls… We salute you!
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Thirsty dudes that do whatever for Pussy!

thirsty-desert-guyThere’s an epidemic of the male species. There’s an untold number of guys that do WHATEVER just to get a piece of pussy. You got guys lying about there age, occupation, and even looks just to get some. One case in particular is I got this friend named Rob. This dude swears up and down that he’s a playa and often uses the phrase “Fuck these hoes!”. Well, one day we went to a stripper party and the dancer was out there doing her thing. Out the blue, like a man possessed, Rob gets down on all fours and eats her booty from behind. When she gets up he proceeds to go in his pocket and makes it rain in her face. Before you know it she had him face down, pants pulled down to his knees, and finger fucking him in the booty. Yup, thats some GAY shit! He allowed this in front of everyone! Yet, to this day, he still screams he’s a Playa!

Thirsty Dudes

You have guys thats in a relationship and even married hitting up chicks on facebook and trying to get some pussy! Some dudes lie about there looks and setup a fake profile with a good looking dude as there profile pic. You would think that he know better especially if he plans on meeting the chick. However, these types of dudes continue with there charade. I guess attention from a sexy girl plays on there psyche and its good enough

There is the subject of  Power of the Pussy! Its said that pussy can blind a man, starts wars, and even convert religions. So a man paying for it is a small thing. Niggaz need to get from behind the videogame consoles and strap on there manhood and really be about it if you that dam thirsty for it. Sign up for a self-improvement class to gain some confidence and reallt mash-out for some hoes. It aint about the money. the looks, but its about the swag, imagery, and dreams. You sell that to a bitch you’ll never go wrong!

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Can you bust a nut while getting head?

That question was the topic of discussion the other night with the FD crew. As you getting older, it seems it gets harder and harder to bust one while getting your dick sucked. A few square guys who can nut while so. Maybe its because they barely get pussy or maybe cuz they tune there minds so much into it that they pull it off.
However, for the seasoned freak, one whom been smashing pussy and getting his dick sucked for quite some time have to have that extremely deep, sloppy, wet, and messy head to bust a nut. Usually when I get my dick sucked I just receive because indeed, it is good foreplay. Its whats has to happen before I fuck you. And by fucking you, is the only way I can bust a nut!
Now, As I said, for a seasoned freak, one has to have that extremely deep, sloppy, wet, and messy deepthroat technique. I searched high and low for a girl that can pull it off and I found her at a party. I was walking through the club and saw this cute, petite, hoodrat looking chick. I thought hmmm, she look like she can be a great fuck! So I macked on her and got her to come home with me. Lo and behold, this lil bitch tells me she on her period! I gave her the attitude like “Bitch, why you didnt tell me before I brought you to my crib?”. I was salty and I guess she was feeling bad too because in the middle of the night the bitch started easing her head down my chest, my stomach, and then eventually wrapped her lips around my dick. I was thinking “now she wanna suck my dick and I can’t fuck? Wow!”
But then this lil bitch did something! Something that made my eyes bulge and toes curl! This lil bitch was giving me that long-looked-for deep, sloppy, wet, and messy deepthroat that I was looking for. She was so good I didn’t even have to pu my hand on her head to guide her. I’m talking she was tight-deepthroating my dick with the sloppy sound effects and all! I started to feel that sensation in my balls and before you know it, I was busting all up in this girls mouth! And she swallowed it all! ,lol, I damn near proposed to her afterwards!

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If you believe in “Bros before hoes”, you’re a fag!

*Disclaimer: This post is of no offense to the homosexual lifestyle

Bros before hoes

If you one of them dudes thats always screaming “Bros before hoes”, you need to shoot yourself and you have homosexual tendencies. Any heterosexual man with some sense knows that being in the company with a woman is way better than hanging with some hard-legged hairy man.
I understand that Man rule the world and we like to watch sports, play videogames, and do man stuff together. But at some point you want your male buddy to go home so you can have some sweet, sensual, romantic fun with your girlfriend or wife. Also guys are cool, but they have the same deadly sins as everyone else. If you coming up in life at some point your bro gonna get jealous and envious and pray for your downfall while smiling in your face at the same time. Furthermore, you cant have sex with your bro (unless you swing that way) like you can your woman. Cant reproduce without your woman. And God forbid, You dont look too cool letting your bro give you massages, cooking you dinner, and holding your hand.

Bros before hoes

Women indeed can twitch a nerve but you cant live without em. The look and smile she gives you, the soft touch, soft body, lips, its about that healthy connection that God instilled in us. Two being coming together in union to create life.
So with that being said, you may wanna stop going to clubs screaming “BROS BEFORE HOES!” Because you in that club to find a hoe anyway. You know you tired of the single life. And you tired of that bro!

Ol hairy hard leg dudes can be bitches but that dont literally mean they ar bitches. In Fact, the male species gets on my nerves!


Married woman caught cheating through facebook


Please learn from others mistakes…a guy made a fake facebook page to test his wife of 25 years to see if she would flirt with another man on fb…he poked her for 3 days and sent her all kinds of compliments in her inbox…she then gave in and began to respond back…she thanked him for the kind words and enjoyed his sweet conversations…on the 5th day she told him she couldnt talk to him no more cause she felt like she was cheating….he ask her…on who???…your husband???…she said no…my girlfriend of 30 years…my husband is just a front for my private life…in fact 3 of our 4 kids aint even his………..the morals of this post….A PERFECT STRANGER MIGHT KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR LIFE IN ONE WEEK THAN YOU’VE KNOWN IN YEARS…SO BE READY FOR THE HARD TRUTH BEFORE YOU GO LOOKING FOR INFO YOU MAY NOT WANT TO FIND.

Facebook is a beast of Social site! It has its ups-n-downs. The upside is you
can find old friends or family members. Share pictures, make post, get attention.

But on the flipside facebook has a dark side. It can and have ruined relationships and even caused divorces, people have fought over posts, committed crimes as serious as murder.

Can facebook ruin a relationship?

One thing I dislike about facebook is the invasion of privacy. You cant like, comment, on a status without your whole friends list knowing about it. For ex: If I post on bobs stat, why should joe know about it? Get my drift? They have a cascading feature on the side that lets everyone know what exactly what you’re doing. Thats BS!

Also, they may be in cahoots with google of sorts. I’m in producing videos because I dream of directing a movie one day. So I do a lot of googling about cameras, lenses, editing equipment etc. So why when I log into facebook all the ads are about cameras, lenses, editing equipment etc? Lol., Nosey bastards and relationship ruiners!

Niggas & StripClubs,

Black StrippersUhm, I’ve been a connoisseur on Black Porn for a long time and it has its perks. One of the frequented ones is me hosting a StripClub Party. Since my inception in the game I’ve hosted at least 100 Booty Parties. Over the years I’ve also attended countless bachelor and private parties featuring Black Strippers. And there’s one thing I’ve noticed: Niggas don’t know how to act when ass, titties, and pussy is in there face. I don’t know if they just plain ol thirsty or they bitch not given them no good sex while at home but, who the hell make it rain $100s of d dollars and who the hell eat pussy and ass in front of 100s of people?

I swear, everytime I’m at a strippers event it’s always that one outta-control nigga that just hop on stage and eat that stripper girls pussy. I mean, she is a stripper ya know, that goes hand in hand with escorting. That black stripper bitch done had mo dicks in her pussy than Mcdonalds sold burgers and here you are eating her pussy in front of 100s of people. Now they all recording and yo fool as on youtube doing some shit you regret.

And let’s not fail to mention the dudes who “Make it Rain”, I mean, why? You done through-up $20s, $50s, $100s at a bitch for what? You done got high and drunk and made it rain for a bitch you not gonna fuck that night. Is it because you hear “Make it Rain” in a rap song or saw it done in a Music Video? That’s just like walking up to a random person on the streets and handing them stacks of money. Why? Some niggas got Parking Tickets, CellPhone Bill, Car-note, Electricity, kids at home to share money with, but yet, they throw it at some stripper bitch.

And thats why I got in the Porn Game, Sex Sells! So when those stupid ass niggas get finished throwing they money away. I’m getting paid and fucking the bitches they wish they can fuck. Ya see, Bitches want the top dog and I ain’t got thow cash to let a hoe know what I am. Just logon to the site: FreakyDeak.com. You’ll see how I roll! Hoes pay me residual income just for appearing in my movies. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying I dont waste my money

Until then,

Ever had some Facebook Pussy?

facebook hoesThese days everybody and there grandma got a facebook profile. FB is the social giant that connects people all over the world. You can find old bitches you use to fuck, and better yet new ones! And thats what this post is about: Facebook Pussy! Men from all over live somewhat of an incognito freaky lifestyle through facebook. No matter single, married, widowed, or in a relationship. Sooner or later a man gonna see a profile pic of a sexy chick and ya know, shoot her a lil message. You may compliment her on the 2-piece bikini she’s wearing in her profile pic or some dudes just jump right at and demand the chick to relay her phone number to him. You send her a friends request and start liking and commenting on her photos and before you know it your current chick is bitching at you for liking other girls photos. But that’s a different story, this post is about the pussy right now.

Facebook Pussy

If you planning on trying to meet a chick off facebook you gotta play your cards right. Ya see, if she bad, she gonna have 100s of lame messages from guys. You cant message her and say stupid shit like “Dam lil mama you bad, gimme your phone number, can i take you out, call me”, these ladies are on facebook but they are human too. And hoping you are grown, you should talk as a grown human anyways. Show her your interest by complimenting her and leaving something for her to smile too is the way to go. Separate yourself from the herd and find something yall have in common and expound on it. And before long, if you played your cards right, you may be knee deep in some pussy.

Facebook Pussy

Facebook is a hub for bitches of all nationalities. You got sophisticated as well and hoodrat hoes on there. The same ones you see in the streets and clubs are on fb. So no matter who you are, you should be thankful such a site exist. Where else can you move around hoes while being unseen at the same time? Cuz if you ain’t fucked at least 3 bitches off facebook, you’ve lost out of life, cuz a lot of us are living! 😉

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