A woman posted the pic below along with this message…

“This is a real pix. I live in 5 minutes from Atlanta, but I work 2 hours away. A month ago my supervisor let me off early because there was damage to the ceiling from a rain storm.

I walked in my house and saw clothes on the hallway floor. I walked in my bedroom and saw what you are seeing.

The man with the thumb in his mouth is my husband. I have no idea who the other man is. I took this pix with my camera. I did not wake my husband. I just left. He has not seen me since. He has not attempted to call me or even drive to my work place.

Unphucknbelievable..Smmfh! I Tell Ya About Them Lil Wayne A$$ Nickas ..just as Happy as they wanna be!! My Reason for posting this pic is not to be funny but to reassure the ladies that Its Real Out Here and Its Packs U Cant Take Back So Always (No Matter What) Protect YoSelf.. because every so called man aint no real man.. instead they’d rather have one! IJS!”

My personal thought is I can’t see myself climbing in bed with some hairy-hard legged man! With all these soft Big Booty Girls out here, and these gay people are just misunderstood…

Memory: Do you have one?

sexEverybody! No matter if single, married, or divorce, have that one (or more) memory where you had sex and it was the awesomest sex you ever had! Mind you, its a memory. It happened in real life, but now, it exists in the mind. Most time its a memory of when all the boxes of your sexual fantasies was checked. At times, you think about it and even try and find that one girl that gave you that memory. However, most times, given years have past, you can’t find her so it remains, A memory! It may have been a time where you met her the 1st night and she gave you an explosive blowjob, you nutted in her mouth, and she caressed you through the night. Maybe it been a time where you fucked her or she fucked you so good that you thought you loved her, actually. Yuh see, sometimes sex is better in the mind. Your current girlfriend/wife doesn’t do it for you because, she’s there in the physical. She’s yours, but she don’t quite add up to that girl that lives in your memory.
These type of explosive experiences usually don’t last long. You met her, kicked it off, and separated into oblivious. You have some guys who go to great measures just to chase that memory again. We on facebook and google entering names. But for some reason, can’t find her. If you do, she just not down the way she was before. She may have moved on and down blessing some other man with her sexual prowess.
Sometimes, I wonder, do they know they live in our minds rent-free. I personally, can go back over 10 years and remember this girl that just did it for me. I fucked 100s of girls since but they don’t add up to her, That memory! That memory that may live with me for the rest of my life. Until then, Yall be E-Z