If you believe in “Bros before hoes”, you’re a fag!

*Disclaimer: This post is of no offense to the homosexual lifestyle

Bros before hoes

If you one of them dudes thats always screaming “Bros before hoes”, you need to shoot yourself and you have homosexual tendencies. Any heterosexual man with some sense knows that being in the company with a woman is way better than hanging with some hard-legged hairy man.
I understand that Man rule the world and we like to watch sports, play videogames, and do man stuff together. But at some point you want your male buddy to go home so you can have some sweet, sensual, romantic fun with your girlfriend or wife. Also guys are cool, but they have the same deadly sins as everyone else. If you coming up in life at some point your bro gonna get jealous and envious and pray for your downfall while smiling in your face at the same time. Furthermore, you cant have sex with your bro (unless you swing that way) like you can your woman. Cant reproduce without your woman. And God forbid, You dont look too cool letting your bro give you massages, cooking you dinner, and holding your hand.

Bros before hoes

Women indeed can twitch a nerve but you cant live without em. The look and smile she gives you, the soft touch, soft body, lips, its about that healthy connection that God instilled in us. Two being coming together in union to create life.
So with that being said, you may wanna stop going to clubs screaming “BROS BEFORE HOES!” Because you in that club to find a hoe anyway. You know you tired of the single life. And you tired of that bro!

Ol hairy hard leg dudes can be bitches but that dont literally mean they ar bitches. In Fact, the male species gets on my nerves!


Ever had some Facebook Pussy?

facebook hoesThese days everybody and there grandma got a facebook profile. FB is the social giant that connects people all over the world. You can find old bitches you use to fuck, and better yet new ones! And thats what this post is about: Facebook Pussy! Men from all over live somewhat of an incognito freaky lifestyle through facebook. No matter single, married, widowed, or in a relationship. Sooner or later a man gonna see a profile pic of a sexy chick and ya know, shoot her a lil message. You may compliment her on the 2-piece bikini she’s wearing in her profile pic or some dudes just jump right at and demand the chick to relay her phone number to him. You send her a friends request and start liking and commenting on her photos and before you know it your current chick is bitching at you for liking other girls photos. But that’s a different story, this post is about the pussy right now.

Facebook Pussy

If you planning on trying to meet a chick off facebook you gotta play your cards right. Ya see, if she bad, she gonna have 100s of lame messages from guys. You cant message her and say stupid shit like “Dam lil mama you bad, gimme your phone number, can i take you out, call me”, these ladies are on facebook but they are human too. And hoping you are grown, you should talk as a grown human anyways. Show her your interest by complimenting her and leaving something for her to smile too is the way to go. Separate yourself from the herd and find something yall have in common and expound on it. And before long, if you played your cards right, you may be knee deep in some pussy.

Facebook Pussy

Facebook is a hub for bitches of all nationalities. You got sophisticated as well and hoodrat hoes on there. The same ones you see in the streets and clubs are on fb. So no matter who you are, you should be thankful such a site exist. Where else can you move around hoes while being unseen at the same time? Cuz if you ain’t fucked at least 3 bitches off facebook, you’ve lost out of life, cuz a lot of us are living! 😉

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