If you believe in “Bros before hoes”, you’re a fag!

*Disclaimer: This post is of no offense to the homosexual lifestyle

Bros before hoes

If you one of them dudes thats always screaming “Bros before hoes”, you need to shoot yourself and you have homosexual tendencies. Any heterosexual man with some sense knows that being in the company with a woman is way better than hanging with some hard-legged hairy man.
I understand that Man rule the world and we like to watch sports, play videogames, and do man stuff together. But at some point you want your male buddy to go home so you can have some sweet, sensual, romantic fun with your girlfriend or wife. Also guys are cool, but they have the same deadly sins as everyone else. If you coming up in life at some point your bro gonna get jealous and envious and pray for your downfall while smiling in your face at the same time. Furthermore, you cant have sex with your bro (unless you swing that way) like you can your woman. Cant reproduce without your woman. And God forbid, You dont look too cool letting your bro give you massages, cooking you dinner, and holding your hand.

Bros before hoes

Women indeed can twitch a nerve but you cant live without em. The look and smile she gives you, the soft touch, soft body, lips, its about that healthy connection that God instilled in us. Two being coming together in union to create life.
So with that being said, you may wanna stop going to clubs screaming “BROS BEFORE HOES!” Because you in that club to find a hoe anyway. You know you tired of the single life. And you tired of that bro!

Ol hairy hard leg dudes can be bitches but that dont literally mean they ar bitches. In Fact, the male species gets on my nerves!


Why do women get so boring after sex?

men after sexPicture this: You meet the girl. She sweet, cute, gotta bad ass body. Yall exchange contacts and start chit-chatting. You hit her up allday through text and facebook messages. And then her lovely voice on the phone soothes your soul. Yall go out on a date to the movies and a dinner and you gladly pay for it. While yall chit-chatting, laughing, and gossiping you see her body through them tight ass pants she wore.
Yo mind start to wonder about how fantastic it’ll be to hit that. Yo mind start to wonder about how good her pussy is and how you’ll hit it and which positions. You see that fat ass hanging and the image of a ass-clapping doggystyle cums to mind. You want to smack it up, flip it, and rub it down. You even think of eating that ass out it look so good. She got the ample titties and the Dick Sucking Lips so you do everything in your power “Just to get a shot!”.
Though you tell yo boys you don’t kiss, everytime you see this chick you tongue deep in her mouth. You joking and sweet-talking and even got her blushing laughing. Just her coming around is enough for you to feel like a kid again. You get a lil tingling of love. But in the back of your mind, you just can’t wait to tap that!
You been grabbing on them titties from time to time and she cool with it. When you hug and kissing on her you grabbing loads of ass. Yall even have conversations of sexual interests. Even when she not around you thinking of her. You think hmmm, this chick is cool!
So yall go out one night and did a little drinking. Make it back to yo pad and its on! That sweet scrumpjalicious is now on her knees sucking your dick. You even pin her down and eat the pussy. And with no further ado: You finally putcha dick in her. You’re fucking the girl! Then you nut! For some brothers it happened in two minutes. And then it hits you that you want your own bed. That chitchat and playtime she accustomed to has gotten old. Now when you speak to her its in a flat-I-dun-had-you tone. In fact, this bitch dun just got plain ol boring! You roll over and go to sleep in hopes she’ll leave.
It’s something about the chase thats more interesting than the catch! I believe is women hold off longer they may get that respect they o so long for. Us men need novelty in our lives. We need to sniff but not catch. We better off imagining whats behind the door instead of you opening it up and showing us. Some men rather masterbate than have sex with there woman because imagination is more powerful than reality… So let it flow!

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