Did you know you fucked me on my period?

SensualBeing in the porn game for nearly 10 years have taught me one specific thing: “Hoes ain’t shit!”. Case in point: About 7 years ago I was dating this chick named Alesha. She was cute, petite, but had the nightlife in her. She used to like going to parties and hanging out with her friends. We kicked it from time to time so of course I fucked her, multiple times in all sorts of positions. So in due time we distanced ourselves. She went one way and I went the other. And like most of mankind I have a facebook page and I tracked damn some of my old friends. Alesha was one of them, we exchanged phone numbers and reminisced about the old days. We were discussing our sexual escapades and this bitch jokingly blurted out “REMEMBER YOU FUCKED ME ON MY PERIOD?” I’, like whoa! WTF YOU TALKING ABOUT?! As we carried on the conversation, I was disgusted by the fact that this broad allowed me to fuck her on her period. And even more disgusted that she thought I was aware of the shit. Ijs, if its dark, yall naked, shouldn’t she admit she on her period before yall fuck? A man obviously don’t have no magic thoughts to tell him so. And to this day, I think I remember the exact night she was talking about. I got up to use the bathroom and thought I seen some red on my dick. I just thought I was throwing down so the pussy reacted that way (Hey, I was young!). All in all, I look at this chick the wrong way cuz she knew and allowed it. If my dick frequently shot fire shouldn’t I inform my sex partner? lol, so it is what is is. Ladies, if you on your rag, please inform us. We don’t know unless you tell us. Check back later for more reads!