Mr. Marcus Sent To Jail For giving Co-Porn Stars To Syphilis

Porn star Mr. Marcus was convicted of knowingly exposing two co-stars to syphilis and was sentenced to 30 days in jail Tuesday.

Mr. Marcus, whose real name is Jesse Spencer, pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge of exposing another to a communicable disease, according to adult entertainment site Xbix. In addition to jail time, he received 15 days of community service and three years of probation.

The case is believed to be the first of its kind, LA Deputy City Attorney Diego Edber told the Pasadena Star News.

Mr. Marcus, 42, who believes he contracted the STD on set, admitted to altering his syphilis-positive test in July so that he could keep performing.

With the altered test, he filmed sex scenes with two actresses before a producer noticed that the STD form was altered and the actresses filed a police report, NBC reports. Neither of the actresses contracted the disease.

Black Porn LegendMr. Marcus’ altered test started a syphilis outbreak scare and moved the industry to self-impose a 10-day moratorium in August while actors were tested and treated for syphilis.

In an emotional interview with XBiz in August that brought the 18-year veteran actor to tears, Marcus said that he only altered the test because his doctor told him he would not be contagious 10 days after taking a shot of penicillin.

“I tried to cover it up… Because I said it was like the scarlet letter. It’s the word. Syphilis, whoa,” he said to XBiz. “I have to live with this, no one else does. I’m very sorry. I did not think that this would come out like this.”

Marcus was also arrested 12 days ago on suspicion of drunk driving and was being held on $200,000 bail, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Marcus’ case was used in a fierce debate last year about whether condoms should be mandated on porn sets. Despite strong outcry against it from the adult film industry, LA voters passed Measure B in November , requiring porn performers to wear condoms on set.

Mr. Marcus Admits He Started Syphilis Scare, Lied on STD Test

Black Porn Legend<———————– This fool ass nigga here!, has started another scared in the Porn World. His name is Mr. Marcus, a legendary Black Porn Star that been in the game forever! Well, if you don’t know its been a syphilis scare in the Porn Industry as of late. And Mr.Marcus has come forward and admitted that he tested positive for the STD. That is to say he has syphilis. Mr. Marcus met with reps from XBIZ and FSC and also admiited to lying about his std results to get more work. The XBIZ and FSC said:

Yesterday afternoon’s meeting was the first time Mr. Marcus admitted to being diagnosed as positive for syphilis, performing three times after that diagnosis, and willfully doctoring one test from Talent Testing Service.

Mr. Marcus said that as of yesterday each of the female performers he worked with since testing positive had re-tested negative for syphilis, which [FSC executive director Diane] Duke confirmed.”

It was reported he came forward to demolish rumors that there’s an outbreak of the disease. Mr. Marcus reportedly tested positive in July 12 and stayed off the sex for at least 10 days per doctors orders, and took penicillin, until July 24, when he came to a set and masked his STD results:

On July 24 Mr. Marcus shot a sex scene and alleges the producer didn’t ask for a paper copy of the test, nor did he verify on the computer that Marcus was cleared to work through the TTS database. The producer did ask Marcus to produce visual evidence, however, and Marcus said he was able to position a copy of the test on his cell phone screen so that the syphilis portion of the test did not appear visible. He claims the talent on set that day did not ask to see a copy of his test.”

I’ve wrote about this often about Black Porn Stars putting a stain on the Black Porn  Industry do to there nigga-acting ways. The Porn Industry is a legit business so you have to act as such. 1st, it was Darren James catching the HIV virus, then Brian Pumper lying about his tests, and now its Mr.Marcus catching syphilis and lying about it. Yall have to realize as black folks in the business they gonna always shine the light on our mistakes and faults. There’s scores of white guys and bitches that contracted STDS and lied on results but they shit get swept under the rug. Gotz to be more careful!


Do you like to view porn with condoms?

condomsThere’s this big debate in the porn business about the use of condoms. A lot of bitching as women are complaining about catching stds and they fear its risky to shoot condomless. The shit have even made it to lawmakers. This people are in discussion on making it mandators y to use condoms in porn. The thing about that is, they starting in  Porn Valley, California. If the condom law is implemented it’s only a law in the district of L.A. A lot of reputable porn producers have packed there bags and move there production to other cities and states. Which is good thinking IMO.
My only thought is what’s the deal with with STD tests? If it was mandatory to take a STD test and  performers come clean should that make it plausible that a condomless scene should be legit? From the outside you would think that makes sense. But being on the inside is different. Some performers have been lying about there STD tests. In Cali, it cost to get a on-the-spot STD test. So what performers have been doing is going to get one, and doing a gang of scenes before they get another one. They think since they tested clean once, there’s no need to test again. Which is silly and risque thinking of course.
In the case of Darren James, the legendary Black Porn Star whom contracted the H.I.V viruses from filming anal scenes in Brazil. It was said that after his visit to south america, he came back to shoot scenes in the states. Thing is, he may have testedbrian pumper lies about std results negative for the virus because back then, it took awhile for the STD tests to show up. No telling who he passed that off to. Also in the case of Brian Pumper, he became known for lying about his STD tests. His tests were faker than them bogus ass chains he wears around his neck. With these cases along with a gaggle of others its no coincidence that lawmakers are stepping it.
But what about the fan? Does he have a sayso? How does he like to view his porn? 75% of male porn watchers stated they like to watch porn condomless. While 30% of female porn watches like it condomless. As for my personal preference. I like to see that ass getting tore up without the condom. Hell, I always put my dick on the line and fuck hoes raw and I’m clean as a horse to this day.
Overall, we just have to sit back and see how this thing settles. Will this condom law pass to other cities and states? I doubt, it’s not known to shoot porn in other states besides Cali, but hell, I’ve read of stupider laws so no telling how this shit spreads.
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