Thirsty dudes that do whatever for Pussy!

thirsty-desert-guyThere’s an epidemic of the male species. There’s an untold number of guys that do WHATEVER just to get a piece of pussy. You got guys lying about there age, occupation, and even looks just to get some. One case in particular is I got this friend named Rob. This dude swears up and down that he’s a playa and often uses the phrase “Fuck these hoes!”. Well, one day we went to a stripper party and the dancer was out there doing her thing. Out the blue, like a man possessed, Rob gets down on all fours and eats her booty from behind. When she gets up he proceeds to go in his pocket and makes it rain in her face. Before you know it she had him face down, pants pulled down to his knees, and finger fucking him in the booty. Yup, thats some GAY shit! He allowed this in front of everyone! Yet, to this day, he still screams he’s a Playa!

Thirsty Dudes

You have guys thats in a relationship and even married hitting up chicks on facebook and trying to get some pussy! Some dudes lie about there looks and setup a fake profile with a good looking dude as there profile pic. You would think that he know better especially if he plans on meeting the chick. However, these types of dudes continue with there charade. I guess attention from a sexy girl plays on there psyche and its good enough

There is the subject of  Power of the Pussy! Its said that pussy can blind a man, starts wars, and even convert religions. So a man paying for it is a small thing. Niggaz need to get from behind the videogame consoles and strap on there manhood and really be about it if you that dam thirsty for it. Sign up for a self-improvement class to gain some confidence and reallt mash-out for some hoes. It aint about the money. the looks, but its about the swag, imagery, and dreams. You sell that to a bitch you’ll never go wrong!

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