How are white girls so mothafucking thick nowadays?

freakydeakMe and my boys had a serious conversation about the phenomena we all noticing on these white chicks. In short, these white bitches out here are getting thicker & thicker! In the Porn World we call them PAWGS (PHAT ASS WHITE GIRL). Gone are the days when white chicks strived to be thin as barbies. Media twisted them poor girls heads to the point where they thought the skinnier they were, the more beautiful they were! I remember in the 90’s we use to laugh at how small white girls asses are. Back then, if they had a bit of meat they considered themselves fat. They resented getting meat on there bones so much that they literally starve themselves. All in all, the result of that is no titties and no ass. Just bones and ribcage and arched cheeks. If you fucked one of those skinny bitches you feel they pelvic bone stabbing you all up in the abdomens!

Circle around to 2013, you see thick white bitches all over the place! We can thank the HipHop world for that becuz all record sales comes from the suburbs and white teens are leaning towards the HipHop world. And in HipHop video’s are thick black bitches shaking that ass and getting attention. These white bitches soaked that up and they getting on diets, doing ass aerobics, and even doing ass injections just so they can get that attention. I’ll never forget this chick named Sarah I use to fuck. She had this idea where I should always fuck her in the ass because that makes her ass bigger. I thought hmmmm, Ok, no problem!

Its not that we, as black men are complaining, hell, we encourage it! We love thickness! The more, the merrier. Thickness bridges the racial barriers. Let’s just hope someone touch these lil asian small booty chicks out here… They trying, but they genetics are small in nature…

So in the meantime, keep up the good work white girls… We salute you!
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