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 CeCe, 22/ 5'6/ 160 lbs of raw thickness

Me & my boy were out in the suburbs playing basketball at this lil center. Its made damn near like a professional arena. I'm not gonna lie. I can't hoop. I have no tribbles. But the hole is mine. Cum in their trying a lay-up and I'm gonna swat ya shit back down ya throat. I'm Dennis Rodman on the court. Give me them rebounds NOW! After working up all that testestorone. We left about 9:00pm. On our way back to the city. We stopped at the Grocery Store (Jewels) to get our (It always wigged me out how they have their stuff out in the isle and not behind the counter like they do in the city). So we get to the counter and I'm throwing game at the lil cute cashier. My homey is slamming game at the baggie-girl. I through my card at the cashier and my homey through his number to the baggie-girl. We leaves & head back to the city. about 10:30 pm the baggie-girl cumz calling saying she wants to kick it. I'm thinking like she done just seen us buy these wraps. She gotta know we ready to party. She states she has nowhere to go and I'm thinking about how thick she is. About 10 minutes into the conversation. I'm telling her how thick she is and she's telling me how freaky she is. She was also saying her & her momma were currently beefing and she just wants to stay the night out. So ya know its pimpalicious mode at the time being. I ask her when she get off (11:00pm) so I told her we were gonna head back out and cum scoop her up from the gig. We goes to scoop her up and head back to the Clubhouse. Me & my boy are invading her left & right ear with pure home-grown game. B/4 we knew. She had jaws full of nuttin but dick & balls. Finger fucks & tittie sucks all over the place. I grabs my camera and tell my boy to fuck her brains inside-out. Did I mention we were blowed & drunk as hell? Anyways, My boy slamming her Doggy-Style, Froggy-Style, legs cocked-up, head on the floor, sucking on tittes etc. We ran her ass all fucking night. my boy fucked her like 3 times. I fucked her twice. She got that fat juicy pussy shaped like a peach that wraps around ya dick. Peep the whole scene and how everything went down. I'm Deak, I'll see you on the rebound.....1

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