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 Courtney Foxxx, 20/ 5'2/ 110lbs Pretty Brown Eyes Does Some Fucking!!!

Yessir!!!! The Kings of Amateur Ghetto Porn are at it again, Still grinding and still putting you all on even more game. Yeah the summer had been good to us ya know we got the game we got the mindframe andwe got the grind in us to get that classic ghetto shit, playa's and pimps like you and me love ya dig!!!Yeah indeed this summer has been nothing but good to us me and my team y!! So many pussies, so many phat asses, yet so little time!!! This one right here is a beautiful scene ya dig. I mean a come up like no other. It's been hot but this shit here takes the fucking cake no doubt!!! Just to keep you all updated. We've been in the streets everyday all day looking for that next ball out contestant for the Freakydeak team!!!This sexy ass specimen of ball out material is Courtney she was out there bad she had lost her car keys and her phone was literally fucked up from her misfortunate situation!!! Literally So you know me and Steelo hit her with the charm and the chuuch!!!I don't too many cats spit game like we do to that this tittle we hold so well and take pride in it ya dig!!!! But this shorty was out the game she didn't have no funds or any keys to her whip so we had what she needed some refuge and some dick on hand for her to confide in and worship. The way we seen it she needed to get to phone to get her keys or to call somebody to bring her, her spare. So you already know her downfall was our come up for real!!! We got shorty to come kick it with us back to the room for a lil minute ya dig but a minute can easily turn to that prospect gettin balled out though ya know? So you know we had the drank to get her body loose the dro (that kush)all the elements we need to get it crakkin with this lil bussa. But this piece of pussy is one to go in the freakydeak hall of fame. This lil petite sexy eye freak was a beast on the head game. I mean when i say she put in work for her's that still an understatement she had her body in order I'm talking bonafide dick sucking lipss shorty had it on lock that good wet mouth you like to see and she wouldn't let the dick out her mouth at all. She sucked the dick on down like a suction cup. I'm talking dick going in her mouth like pieces to a puzzle. Slobbing giving that 100% I'll busdown for help quality we all know and love. Boy I tell you when broads need help they'll give that extra effort in to make sure they'll get help ya know!!! She was a definite come up fa sho and with the complete package I mean really do you see those eyes? Do you see that shape???( Her ass is crazy nice I mean a nice bubble booty made for doggystyle and throwing the ass back no doubt!!! And if you ever wondered if petite broads can fuck she's your answer she was on her shit she was a true freak!!! Like she ain't had dick in weeks trust me this is ball out footage at its best like none before it at al!!!!l I mean Steelo fucked her all over the place ballin her out flippin her lil ass like a damn pancake ya dig!!! This a scene you don't wanna miss and trust you're gonna see more hoodrats of her kind here!!! Peep this in our Members Area!!!! Literally this shorty 's fucking speaks for itself. Trust me this is the shit good porn classics are made of Now and forever"The Kings Of Ghetto Amatuer Porn"We holding this down for you!!!!! we held ya down this summer r!!! We're gonna hold ya down this fall and still stay grinding. balling these bitches out til the world blow up haters!! This game is ours fuck with it!!!!Big K - Da Capo

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