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Delilah, 20/ 5'6/130lbs/ Slim Big Titty Chick/ Church girl turned out 

This weeks update:

Ya know, Dig this here. Life is crazy & fucked up at times. Having an assortment of different pussy help us males get through these turbulent times. Its the female human duty to suppress the hardship life throws upon us. if you married and don't got no side pussy. Expect a divorce soon!. The ONLY thing better than pussy is NEW pussy. Chuuch!.... Hi, my name is Deak and I'm reporting in for FreakyDeak news. This situation took place when I met a supposedly "Church girl" in front of UIC college. She was one of those shy girls. I walked up on her and couldn't help but to notice them watermelon lips and those bow fucking legs. Standing tall with her lil high heels on I kept it short, sweet & to the point. I initiated convo with my usual "Dayum baby, are you a model?". I said that in a slight humorous way. Cuz when you compliment a girl with humor and get her smiling. The skys the limit. The key to ANY hoes pussy is laughter. So, I didn't scoop her that day so we chit-chatted on the phone for a mere 2 weeks. I finally got the chance to nail her ass. And when i did, I nailed her lil ass to the wall. This lil supposedly innocent church girl can give ANY top porn star a run for their money. she sucked dick with those watermelons lips sliding up n down my dick using her lip gloss for lubrication. Shits was BOMB! I particularly liked the sounds she made when I was hitting it (I like dem sounds, dont you?). While hitting it I asked her where she wanted me to bust my nut and this lil whipper-snapper said her face. So, after I did that I thought to myself I got to get her on film. So about 3 days went pass and I got her lost in intensive macked-down mode. Well, she came through and I convinced her to fuck my homey while I film. And to my surprise, she fucked this fool better than she fucked me. GOTDAMN! Yall gotta log on to see how this lil innocent church girl got down. Make sure you have tissue & vaseline handy. Peep the clip below to see a sample of this session

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