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Fidelity/20/ 5'7/ 150lbs/ Bouncey Juicy Booty Girls shakes it all over the place!!!

Yes suuuhhh, Deak in the muthafucking house! I'll like to present to you the HARDEST muthafucking Porn Site on the net. This is We rise above all lil BULLSHIT Porn Sites. We got tons of High Quality Video's and Picture's in the members area for your viewing pleasure. This is the #1 Ghetto Amateur Site on the net. But don't believe what I say. Browse around the site and let us show you why we're #1...
This weeks update is one of the most finest, most thickest, most coolest girls I've ever shot. Her name is Fidelity, she's mixed with Black & Asian and her body is unbeliavably beautiful. Her body look so good like you can put her on a plate and eat her from the roota to the toota and ask for seconds. Her face is perfectly symmetric and simply sexy. She can actually be a model. Her body is to be gawked over from whatever position you looking at it in. She has them suckulant ample tits, Flat stomach, Thick Legs, and a AMAZING BIG JUICY BOOTY. I met her through a partner of mine by the name of Nomad. He basically showed me some pix of her and I put my word in that I wanted to get at her cuz she looks like material. I called and she stated she heard about the site and always wanted to be on it but I never got back at her. O well, there's no better time than the present. I called her approximately 6pm and she was at me crib by 9pm. One thing I noticed and adored about her is her beauty & personality. She was open, willing, and able to do whatever I ask her to do. We started the scene with me interviewing her. She bragged at how good of a dancer and Booty Shaker she was so then that told me it was time to get her naked. When she stood up and turned around her Juicy Bubble Booty was busting out her pants. When I saw that my mouth dropped to the floor. Then she proceeded to take everything off. She danced, wiggled ass all over the place, she rubbed her ass down in Baby-Oil, made her ass cheeks clap. It was a Booty Shaking XXXtravaganza. Best believe, I'm gonna be working with this girl on a continued basis.
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