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Jada , 25/ 5'6/140lbs/ Caramel mami anally masterbating Exit: 2004 Enter: 2005  

Sup Family, it was a struggle but we made it through the 2k4. I'll like to take the time to reflect a lil. I'll like to send shout-outs to the fam that holla at me through Emails, IMs, & Telephones showing love and thoughts on what they think about the site. I'm always open to ideas cuz I myself is a fan of Juicy Booties and how it should look on tape. Thnx to all the chix that let me fuck and film them. Its always fun on the FD set. Thnx to Buck1 from NY. This year, I've gain a lil notoriety for how we carry things around these parts. Logging on to my site you get niggaz & bitches drinking, blowing blunts, and str8 kicking it while capping the scenes off with intense fucking. If you read through my dialogues you'll see that I except NOTHING but the best fucking & sucking in the business. I'm proud that I have the Black Regular Webcam Girls from the hood, school, street. I beat all the hataz that tried to bury me. The reason I've beat the hataz is cuz I AM a FAN of Porn. I can relate to what folx wanna see. Bigger companies try & shut me down but I just keep stomping with a fuck em attitude. Never fold! I know ya want that Slappity-Clappity-Clap from the back intense fucking. I kow you want that intense vein popping, tear dropping blowjob. I except nuthing else on this site. In the 2k5, I'm changing NOTHING. We're gonna continue to fuck Big Booty Hoes. We gonna continue our format that we crafted. Shitz getting better. I holla at NEW hoes EVERYDAY. Its living like that. My name is Play-Boy Deak and I'm representing Yall watch how we blow...

OK, so you wanna know about this weeks update huh? Its a chick that IM'd me from a webcam site. She didn't have any customers at the moment so she stated she was browsing the net and came across my site. So of course I wanted to see a pic of her so she flicked on her webcam and I was like DAAAAAMMMMNNNNNNNN. Shawty was hot business and cum to find out. This is a site where a lot of stripperz, porn stars, and freaks do extra curricular shit. The best thing is you can view some of they cams/chats for FREE. Peep the site and holla at some of these freaky bitches. As you can see the site treated me good. Give it a try. Its Free! Well, babygirl lived a ways from me and I wanted to do something with her on tape. She said she didn't want to do porn so I asked what was she interested in? If she fucking with ME she gotta do SOMETHING freakish for me on tape. So she agree to do a solo masterbating scene. I allowed it cuz I wanted to end the year on a lighter note. She masterbated with a dildo. She stuffed in in her ass, mouth, and even her asshole. I was impressed at what I saw and I believe you will be also. Log on to peep how it all went down--Playboy-Deak

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