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Luscious 20/ 5'6/ 160 lbs, Big Booty Puerto Rican

I sometimes fake like I'm a student at any random College here in Chicago. Yall knowing Colleges be having those top notch girlies. You know the kind thats sexy and trying to do something with themselves. So since they already striving to be the best and reaching for higher learning. Its my duty to sometimes snatch a cutie from a campus and teach her other walks of life so she never forget where she cums from. I'm on the campus pimping through the halls and suddenly see this cutie off in the distance. I'm seeing the sillohuette of nutting but thickness. She's standing their by a vending machine. I walked up on her and was shell-shocked by all the ass she was carrying. I mean, this ass can make the cripple walk and the blind see. My 1st verse was "GOTDAMN BABY! Are you a model or something?!". That line get em everytime so she responded with the usual "Why you say thaaaaaaaat? I'm hitting her with physical vibe, jokes, and just raw game ya dig. I got her laughing & giggling so I finally broke it down to her that I'm not really a student of the school. I'm really their recruiting bootyful ladies for my website & dvd collection. I thought she had big potential. She had 2 more classes to go to but she was so engulfed in my conversation that she skip her classes and came home with me. I calls my crew to set up shop for a shoot. BIG BOOTY IS ON ITS WAY! We get babygirl to the spot and turn on the lights & camera. Its only natural that we see that ba-doonka-doonk she had. We got her out them clothes and GOTDAMN! This broad ass was so fucking fat & juicy. Instant erection! She started dancing & wobbling that muthafukka for us. B/4 shits was over we stuffed her with massive sex as usual. Babygirl had some of that good tight wet pussy. You know the kind that make that slippery-sloppery sound. This Puerto Rican broad booty cleavage was so deep a midget would get lost in it. Her throat was deep as well! Call me John Wayne cuz she straddled ya boy up like a wild horse, we did the scissor position where I cut her in two. Of course she got manhandle doggy-style. Yall see the sample hardore pix on the page and plus yall know how we get down.. Raw, uncut & gritty! Log on to see this juicy big booty get worked!

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