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Multiple Orgasms, 22/ 5'5/ 120lbs , Ghetto Slim Bitch Dancing and begs to do XXX

GOTDAM MUTHAFUKKA GOTDAM!!! Here we are. Entering the year 2006. Dam, how time flies... I'M THE MUTHAFUKKING KING OF AMATEUR HOMEGROWN PORN XXX. Hell yeah, I stayed in tune with the underground scene. I've heard and respected the folks who like it gully, grimey, and hardcore. To all my members, I LOVE YALL! Yall keep us on the grind searching for the freakiest hoe in the hood. And entering the 2006.... We're not gonna change a gotdam thing. We gonna keep it grimey, gutta, ghetto and hardcore as fukk. We gonna keep these everyday Amateur Ghetto Hoes on there knees. I got the whole blueprint on the 2k6. Some have come, but plenty have fell. Buh-Bye! You want Ghetto Amateur Hardcore Porn. Well, here it is. I present to you the hardest fucking crew on the net. The XXX Ghetto Amateur Crew. Big shout-outs to my inside crewmen-- Big-K, D-Bang, My boy D, Big-ups to my partner in crime Nomad. We just beginning fools. To all the females that let me and my crew fuck you. You may have sucked dick... But, I love you all. To all the guys/members that keep us on point.. Dennis.. You like these updates dont'cha? . All the hoes. So fucking many... I really do love yall for bringing our fans to this shit. Yall are the cornerstone of the site. Shit, we need pussy & mouth to play with eh? So here's this weeks update:

My boy D-Bang tells me about some shawty he met at some fucking Gas Station. He tells me I live closer to the bitch so I should pick her up for the nights festivities. {Dam, I love my job!} He calls me, and gives me the hoe phone #. I call her and she stated where I should pick her up. I just moved out to the outskirts near her so I arrived on the scene where she stated. She came out of a corner restaurant with a 6 piece Chicken Dinner. And I was amazed at her SLIM build. She hopped in and I skirted out to the hide-out spot. D-bang arrived and without further ado. We proceeded with the
fuck session. She sucked my boys dick. She rode my boy shit till kingdom came. My boy knew that the pussy was soooo fucking good..... Dig.... The pussy was so good on he scene... That he nutted in her pussy. Can you believe it... Inside her pussy!!! My homeyboy D-Bang busted a mad ass nut deep down in her pussy. I'll call this the 1st time that a girl was impregnated on the scene. Let's see if we can create a Newborn Baby. 9 months will tell... ENJOY THE SCENE!!!!

-- Playboy-Deak: King Of Ghetto Amatuer Porn
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