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Nikki Delish , 21/ 5'6/ 155lbs Around The Way Hoodrat Gets Balled Out!!!

What it do my playa's, pimp's, hustla's, and pussy lovers ??!! Yup, it's ya boi "Big K- Da Capo" Reportin from the streets ya dig!!! Never lettin up and bringin you all the "fresh" hoodrats, bitches, sluts, hoes and bustdowns of tommorrow to your monitors to get balled out Freakydeak "style".You digggggg!!!!!!A nigga like myself I stay on the prowl ya know???. I'm everywhere and I mean everywhere from the north, west, south to the east sides of the city. I'm always looking for that bustdown to get down for the real cats who do this shit like you and me.I hunt for hoes everywhere ya dig! My game is 100% sharper than a thumb tact lol even when I'm not trying. This shit is second nature to me I just got the drive to get these hoes exposed ya dig me and I get good bitches to the crib. Thats how I get down ya know I like to have a selection of hoes to choose from a bitch for every occassion that's real playa shit!!!! I got love for this shit ya feel me. New pussy as always the aim ya dig. Everywhere anyhow by any means!!!! Yessuh, the freakydeak crew is everywhere in this bitch from the clubs to the local hood beach ya feel me??!! Real Talk though the rewards are plentiful and the hoes love us!!!! But real talk me and my mans Steelo came up big this past weekend hard and we didn't even try we just got good eyes for hoes. We were chillin on our way from Buger king out west, and the way to the whip we seen two broads!! One light skin and the other brownskin. She caught our eyes the chocolate one. She was from out east. Her and her girl were walking around to get some. Since the chocolate one was looking nice and had the look of a possible bussa we shot our shot.We told her we shot photos which we do they're just nude ones that lead to fuckin and suckin me and my mans, Ha! Ya dig So once again we gamed her back to the "Freakydeak Couch" in exchange for some of that. You know how it goes. We got her and her girl come to the crib. Once she was in the tip we got her to change into some of that freakydeak shit. Once she got changed it was a rap shorty was a bonafide bussa for real. Her body was nice she got those nice D-Cup titties once she took off that top and we seen her nipples pierced we knew we had one. And her ass was phat she had a nice lil bubble on her, That was another plus!!! She had an ass for doggy style (You'll see what I mean In the Members Area). Shorty was a freak I know you're gonna love this I gotta tell ya as of late we been finding true deepthroaters ya dig? This shorty took some dick in mouth with no-gag reflecx at all I mean the bitch had the china doll eyes and took every-inch her mouth and that shit was enough to make nigga cum off the look of that alone. She said this was regular shit suckin dick was like second hand real talk!!! I knew when I seen her that shit was just as I thought. I'm talkin her mouth was just as creamy as the pussy. And let's not even speak on that shit Shorty got some dick in her and it really turned into a true ball-out session. Shorty was a true "Rider". She didn't wanna take the dick out her.She made the sexiest moans shit was crazy Real Talk you gotta see this shorty we do this shit for real. We stay on the grind heavily Niggaz talk bout don't be about it This is us"The Kings Of Ghetto Amatuer Porn"!! We're going hard it's gonna be a hot summer' You think you seen shit now hell no!!! You still ain't seen shit yet. Haters get mad cause we gone keep grinding til the game is gone. We'll keep balling these bitches out while the haters are mad!! This porn shit is just the beggining ya dig!!! Big K - Da Capo

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