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 Passion,20/ 5'5/ 170lbs/Say hello to a Ghetto ass girl thats a pro as sucking dick
Yall gonna like what I'm gonna do here. I'm gonna give you the Phone Number to Chicago's #1 head doctor. Its all good. The only thing you have to do is mention my name and that I sent you. I met Passion on 63rd & Halsted. She was on her cell phone and I overheard, or should I say she wanted me to here how good she sucked her baby daddies dick. When she got off the phone she stated that she saw me in a few porn vids floating through Chicago. I'm like "and". She goes on to say that the hoes I was with didn't know the art of sucking dick. What I needed was a homegrown head doctor. I'm like. "Well, if thats you. Bring it like you sing it" She says she got the crib to herself and wanted me to drive her home. We get to her crib. She changes clothes. She then shows me a vid of how she gets down. We blow 2. I started to get charged. She's on their sucking dick like a professionalized pro. I tell her to cut it off and lets make way to a bedroom. she lays down. I lay my dick in her mouth. She started with the slow slurpy technique, then the deep throat, then the muscle tightness, then the long hard fast strokes accompanied with gargles. Shit, she made me mad though cuz her phone kept ringing. I'm already in unknown territory (on the solo tip) and she conversing with some dudes about how they can't cum over right now cuz she's busy. During my evaluation of how good of a freak she was. I through my dick inthe pussy for about 5 mintues. To my surprise, that shit was tight as hell. When we finished she said she wants to be in the industry. I told her that I'm gonna get her evaluated by some of my members and see what they think. So, to the ones that want this vicious dick-sucking machine. Her number is area code "773-994-****". The rest is in the members area. I only hook up my family thats down with Deak. Remember when you call, tell her Deak sent you and she'll know what's!

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