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 Sexy C, 22/ 5'8/ 165lbs Myspace freak gets in a "Ram Session"!!!

What it is my playa's, pimps, ballers, freaks who grace this site!! The Kings of Amateur Ghetto Porn are here and blessing you all again, Putting you all on game. This summers' been hot a lot of moves have been made hella footage has been shot ya dig? Just to keep you all updated. More new freaks and hella game being spit to hold this title we hold so well and take pride in ya dig!!!! It's been a ho-asis out side this summer a lot of hoes gettin down with the F.D. Crew and that's how we like it ya dig. But this young piece of pussy I bring to you has a different story this slut made her way to the Freakydeak Crew by way of myspace yep young myspace ya dig it's possible see the thing with these hoes not all of em are always willing to let it be known they wanna be smutted out but in this case it was different ya dig! This bussa actually found ya mans Big K shorty had been peepin the site for a while and she finally got the courage to contact ya mans though lol. She told me wanted to be one of freakydeak's best bitches to get balled out on the freakydeak team. So I can't complain about shit if anything sluts coming to me makesmy grind easier than anything though. I can't front shorty was a real suprise cause she had no pics on her page so the first thing on a niggas mind is is she a fat gurl cause lol ya dig don't front like yall ain' had no fat gurl in ya life before though lol but real talk she wound up being a nice thick phat booty chocolate bitch. I mean her voice on the phone sounded nice but it didn't mean she wasn't a booger wolf . But to my surprise as you can see from the pic shorty wasn't half bad a nice phat ass big titties and a true freak. So I meet up with her shorty comes thru to my spot and after I seen the body was right I immediately called up my mans steelo. Ya dig. I hit the local store got some 100% proof. We got her ass nice and comfortable and this bitch couldn't really wait to go to work to show some fan appreciation ya dig. I"m talking that nice deepthroat head she didn't wanna let the dick go at all. There's nothing better ya dig than a slut who's passionate about gettin balled out ya dig. Shorty was a true freak and game to get down no questions asked we both fucked this chick and she gave out head like a party promoter giving out party flyers real talk!!! The ass was phat as you can see this bitch was a freak she got some dick in her and took it like a champ this was an all out ram session you don't wanna miss!!! She was a crazy come up so you all you myspace chicks keep showing your appreciation! I mean this shorty hit the ball out couch harder than ever i'm talking that freaky shit, fucking all over the couch my man steelo tagged in and gave her the business and even left her with a surprise . She was a shit talker talking that good shit us playa's like to hear and taking all the dick she could the broad was a real fiend for real!!! This shit was crazy you really don't wanna miss freaky bitch here in our Members Area!!!! "The Kings Of Ghetto Amatuer Porn"!! we still got the summer!!! We're gonna still stay grinding. we're gonna still stay balling these bitches out til the world blow up haters!! This summer is ours fuck with it!!!!Big K - Da Capo

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