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Thick Lela , 20/ 5'7/ 185lbs Steelo Bags A Thick One To The Ball Out Couch!!!

Back again with that pure 100% Uncut Raw Ghetto Porn Shout out to my mans Bo$$ Kon a.k.a. Konflict from Akron to the Chi real recognize real ya dig. Mark my word this nigga reps the Midwest. But moving along You already know what it is "Big K- Da Capo" Back again bitches!!!! Man this one is fresh from the ball out couch ya dig me!!!Ya dig it's hot out and freaks of all sorts are out looking to get dick-down by the "Freakydeak crew". It's been hot as hell these last few days ya dig. Me and steelo been out grinding looking for the hoes, bussa's and sluts to fuck on cam ya dig. I like new hoes ya and so you'll see the coming results furtherin the future cause we got some good shit from all over. You'll see so stay tuned for that. But dig it's been hot out so me and Steelo go bustdown hunting from time to time ya dig walking around lookin for a bitch to get at on cam. We roll down a few blocks you know just chillen and shit. So we come to see a nice thick carmel shorty sitting on the bus stop. We rolled up on her spittin a lil game to her to see what's cracking with her. I'm tellin you real talk she had an attitude but truthfully fuck an attitude they're made to be broken down and conquered. And that's exactly what we do we break em down bust em down and send em out with nothing but hard dick and bubble gum. So the broad has an instant attitude off back which is cool. She talked all this I'm busy and got shit to to do talk. ( Broads be lying especially on a damn bus stop though you ain't going nowhere too important ya dig.) So we talked to her a lil bit... she was steady giving up drama so to get this on and poppin for what we were about I gave the broad like a lil change ya know just for convo( it's game cause we all fucked after that though. And I took my dough back lol) So after a lil game of cat and mouse with the bitch we get her thick ass to the young "Freakydeak Ball Out Couch". We had her taking a few pics drinking Soda and shit ya dig to get her loose. So you know it's already a wrap cause she in the crib half naked already and tipsy!!!!! So we gave her the typical bustdown questionaire routine while she loose and shit. Next thing you know I ask her to give my guy some head and she's game she was a pretty thick broad too. So you know the head was on point she had the nice wet mouth piece too slobbin and spitting ya know that freakyshit we all know and like and deepthroats like muthafucking champ. I dig when a bitch is sucking a dick and makes it enjoyable for everybody this broad didn't wanna take a dick out her mouth literally. Steelo was balling this bitch face out for real giving Lela some intense face fucking ya dig I'm talking grabbing the skull and ramming the bitch face and shit! You gotta love face fucking a bitch I know I do no doubt lol! This bitch was freaky as fuck too. I love a bitch with an attitude gettin fucked cause you come to know the bitch ain't shit and you really break the bitch in to knowing who running this shit. The bitch was gettin balled out all type of directions I'm talking hair pulling choking and fucking Hardcore ya dig! Peep it out and enojoy!!! This is a scene you don't wanna miss out on the phat ass it was crazy no doubt !!!! "The Kings Of Ghetto Amatuer Porn"!! Going hard with no signs of slowing down ya dig. It's a hot summer!!! You still ain't seen shit yet. We stay keep grinding. Balling these bitches til wheels fall off!! This summer and this porn shit is ours ya dig!!! Big K - Da Capo

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